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Squirrel Picnic Table Fundraiser


A Popular Father's Day Gift!


Back by popular demand!

FEED THE SQUIRRELS Fundraiser!  Squirrel Picnic Tables!


We receive 15% of all sales through our website! A great gift for all ages and can be shipped directly to your recipient.  Support the rescue and feed the backyard wildlife! 

The Squirrel Picnic Tables can be attached to a fence, wall, porch, deck or tree using the hanger on the back of the table.  There is a pre-drilled hole so you can choose a screw or nail, or even use zip ties if you prefer!  They can also just be set on the ground, deck, porch or a table top.

These adorable Squirrel Picnic Tables are a perfect addition for your backyard. The table features a screw to hold a piece of dried corn and various containers to hold peanuts, dried fruit and other picnic favorites for squirrels.  We've had customer's purchase them and feed bunnies as well by placing them on the ground and providing fresh veggies in the bowls.

$30 for the table and a starter bag of Corn and Peanuts!

Shipping - $8    

If you would like your item shipped, please add the shipping option to your order and include the shipping information at checkout.

Paws Across Pittsburgh (and your neighborhood squirrel population) appreciate your support!

Click here to Order your Squirrel Picnic Table!!


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