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Securing sufficient and steady funding is our biggest challenge. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, we are desperately in need of your generous donations! All funds donated to Paws Across Pittsburgh go directly to providing food, shelter, and medical treatment for our animals.

Just point your Mobile Phone camera to the QR code shown or click on it to make your donation or pay adoption fees

One-Time & Recurring Donations

One-time & Recurring Donation

Pay Your Dog Adoption Fee

Dog Adoption
Dog on Blue

Pay Your Cat Adoption Fee

Cat on Green
Cat Adoption

Can you spare $5, $10 or $20 for a monthly donation?


Rescuing animals costs money... a lot of it. In 2020, we spent $177,527.28 in Vet bills and $21,757.51 in supplies and medications.  Paws Across Pittsburgh has saved 3187 animals since its inception in 2016. We take in every animal that we have a place for, without a thought to cost. The rest of our time and energy is spent raising money to make sure we can cover the vet bills and supplies to care for them.


A commitment of a monthly donation from you, no matter the amount, is a huge help to the dogs and cats we take in.  Please consider a monthly donation. You choose the monthly amount, whatever you're comfortable with, and you can change or cancel through PayPal anytime!

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