Adoption Fees
*as of 01/01/2020

Adoption fees include all age appropriate vaccinations, microchip, and spay/neuter

$325.00*   Puppies (6 months and under)

$250.00*   Adult Dogs

$175.00*     Senior Dogs

$75.00      Kittens (<6 months)

$50.00     Cats

$25.00     Senior Cats

* Starting 01/01/2020: $25 will be refunded with proof of completed formal training program for adopted dog. Any questions on eligible programs, email


**Please note, we do not adopt out of state!  We conduct home visits prior to adopting, so you should live in a reasonable driving distance from Pittsburgh, PA, preferably in Western, PA. 

Do not rush the application, we usually have many applications for each animal and read each one carefully to choose the very best home according to the animal being placed.  If you are not chosen, the animal you chose may not be best suited for your family or home. Please do not be discouraged, we try to do the very best for all of the animals coming through our rescue!.