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Foster with Paws Across Pittsburgh

Fostering a dog is a remarkable journey filled with heartwarming moments and profound impact. When you open your home to a foster dog, you're not just providing temporary shelter—you're saving a life. Every foster placement frees up space in shelters, preventing the heartbreaking outcome of euthanasia for another deserving dog in need.

The journey of fostering is about more than temporary care; it's about witnessing transformation. From the initial days of uncertainty to the eventual blossoming into a healthy and happy pet, watching a foster dog thrive under your care is incredibly fulfilling.

Moreover, fostering is about creating lasting connections. Finding the perfect adopter for your foster dog means making not just one, but two families truly happy. The joy of seeing your foster dog find their forever home, where they are cherished and loved, is an unparalleled reward that resonates with every foster parent.

Join us in experiencing the amazing feeling of fostering—a journey where compassion, love, and hope come together to change lives, one dog at a time.

Photos: Gizmo,  shown before and after rescue.


Fostering Basics

Paws Across Pittsburgh Provides:

At Paws Across Pittsburgh, we believe in supporting our foster families to ensure a successful and fulfilling fostering experience. When you become a foster, we provide all the essential supplies and resources needed to care for your foster animal, including:

  • Veterinary Care: All medical expenses are covered, including vaccinations, spaying/neutering, and any necessary treatments.

  • Food and Supplies: We supply food, bedding, toys, and other necessary items to keep your foster pet comfortable and happy.

  • Training and Behavior Support: Our experienced team offers guidance and training resources to help address any behavioral issues and ensure your foster pet is well-mannered and adoptable.

  • A Mentor and a Supportive PAP Foster Team: You’ll have a personal mentor for any questions or concerns.  You will also be added to our foster group page, ensuring you never feel alone in your fostering journey​.


Our goal is to make fostering a positive and hassle-free experience, allowing you to focus on providing love and care to your foster pet.

You Provide:

As a foster with Paws Across Pittsburgh, you are a crucial part of our mission to save lives. Here’s what we ask from our fosters:

  • A Safe and Loving Environment: Provide a nurturing and secure home where the foster pet can feel safe and loved.

  • Basic Care: Ensure the pet’s daily needs are met, including feeding, exercise, and basic grooming.

  • Socialization and Training: Spend time socializing and training the pet to help them become well-adjusted and ready for their forever home.

  • Communication: Keep your mentor updated on the pet’s progress, behavior, and any health concerns so they can provide the best support and help you match them with the perfect adoptive family.

  • Transport: Assist with transporting the pet to veterinary appointments and adoption events as needed.​


By becoming a foster, you provide more than just a temporary home; you offer hope and a second chance to animals in need. Your compassion and dedication help pave the way for a brighter future for every pet that comes into your care.

Welcome to Transport Day: The Best Day in Rescue!

Every journey to a forever home starts with a single step, and for these lucky dogs, it begins on Transport Day. This is our favorite day at Paws Across Pittsburgh, and we’re excited to share it with you.


Witness the Magic: Whether the dogs arrive healthy and happy, or scared and sick, this day marks the beginning of their new life. In this moment, their journey to a better future starts. When you see photos of these dogs weeks later, it's often hard to recognize the same animals you saw get off the bus, terrified and shy. The transformation is incredible.


Be a Hero: Our fosters are the heart of our organization. By opening your home to a foster dog, you provide them with the care and support they need to transition into their new lives. You’ll be a crucial part of their journey from rescue to forever home.


Join Our Family: Imagine the joy of watching a scared, uncertain dog transform into a confident, loving companion under your care. Fostering is not just about giving them a temporary home; it’s about giving them a future.


Make a Difference: Every foster home means one more life saved. By becoming a foster, you help us rescue more dogs and give them the second chance they deserve. Your love and dedication prepare them for their forever families.

Experience the Reward: There’s no feeling quite like seeing a foster dog find their perfect match. While it can be hard to say goodbye, knowing you played a pivotal role in their happy ending makes it all worthwhile.

Join Us Today: Transport Day is a celebration of new beginnings and the incredible impact our fosters make. If you’re ready to experience the joy of transforming lives, we invite you to join our foster family. Together, we can make every day a transport day filled with hope, love, and new starts.

We hope this video inspires you to become a foster and experience the magic of rescue firsthand. Contact us today to learn more about how you can help change lives, one wagging tail at a time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Foster Testimonials

Still not sure about fostering? Read through our testimonials from current fosters and see why they love fostering with Paws Across Pittsburgh. These heartwarming stories highlight the profound impact fostering has on both the animals and the humans involved. Our foster parents share their personal journeys of compassion, joy, and the rewarding experience of providing a temporary loving home to pets in need.


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