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Paws Across Pittsburgh, in an effort to assist senior pets in finding loving forever homes to live out the remainder of their lives, has developed the Lifetime Of Veterinarian Support (LOVS) for Senior Paws Program.


This donation-supported program enables Paws Across Pittsburgh to place more senior pets in loving homes. Paws Across Pittsburgh supports families that want to adopt a senior pet, but may be worried about medical costs for an aging pet by covering the veterinarian bills for the lifetime of that pet.

Our LOVs program is geared towards seniors and special needs dogs and cats. If you adopt a LOVS dog or cat, you would cover normal vetting but Paws Across Pittsburgh would cover medical bills related to their specific illness or advanced age.! Our goal with this program is to be able to help more seniors get adopted into loving homes!

Get Involved!

There are many ways you can help the senior pets in our LOVS program. 

There are so many senior animals waiting to be saved, and each new foster home enables us to save one more.

You can sponsor a senior pet by making a one time donation or a monthly donation. Give a sponsorship as a gift or as a memorial to honor the passing of a loved person or pet.

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