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Paws Across Pittsburgh needs a transport vehicle

Paws Across Pittsburgh needs your help.


Paws Across Pittsburgh is a 501c3 non-profit animal rescue located in Pittsburgh, PA. We started in early 2016 and have grown into one of the largest rescues in Western Pennsylvania! What enables a rescue to grow and continue saving so many animals? A successful rescue takes a solid leadership team, an army of volunteers and a large community of supporters, and we have all of those. A rescue also needs a way to transport the animals from high-kill shelters back to Pittsburgh to start their new lives, and that’s what we need help with.


We were lucky to have a minivan donated to us a few years ago that we used for transport days and vet clinic runs. Last year we purchased an older model box truck because the van just wasn’t big enough for some of our larger transports. Both of our vehicles have seen better days, and as of last week, both are now out of commission. We had to cancel our transport this past weekend because we literally don’t have a way to pick them up and get them to the foster homes in Pittsburgh. The dogs and cats that were on the list to come to Pittsburgh are still waiting for rescue. That is heartbreaking for all of us.


We have approached quite a few dealerships hoping for either a donation or an affordable deal but have been unsuccessful so far.


So here we are, turning to our huge community of supporters, asking for help. We saved over 1,000 animals last year. Our goal each year is to save more than the year before. We can’t do it without a vehicle to get them to Pittsburgh. We can’t do it without your support.


Our transport vehicle is a literal lifeline for so many animals. It's used weekly to transport animals to Pittsburgh from high kill shelters, to take animals to veterinary clinics several times a week and to take dogs and supplies to fundraisers. We can't save animals without one.


Our goal is to raise $25k. We need your help and your donations. We are 100% volunteer-run, so every dollar donated goes into saving the lives of homeless dogs and cats.


Please consider a donation and help us reach more people by sharing our fundraiser and asking your friends and family to donate.


From all the volunteers and rescues in Paws Across Pittsburgh, thank you for your support and love.

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Axel, a happy 8 month old puppy, was found on Feb 15th by his owners with a horrific injury to his leg.  They took him to their vet to be euthanized but luckily Paws Across Pittsburgh got a call to save him. 


He was rushed to Cheat Lake Animal Hospital where they determined that he had been shot at close range, leaving a huge hole on the back of his thigh and destroying his leg. He needed a blood transfusion and his leg required amputation.  He is currently still being treated.

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Click the bus to donate through our GoFundMe, and thank you for your support!  Please share and help us reach more supporters!

Prefer donating through PayPal?

Checks - mail to Paws Across Pittsburgh 346 Orchard St, Springdale, PA 15144

Venmo - @pawspgh and notate "vehicle"

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