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The Senior Paws for Seniors adoption program, open to residents of Western PA, is designed to help senior humans rediscover the joys of having a cat or dog in their lives. The program places senior cats and dogs with senior citizens who are 65 years of age or older and on a fixed income.

There are undeniable benefits for seniors having a pet in their lives.  Research has shown that people with pets are less lonely, have less depression, recover from illnesses and injuries quicker, have lower stress levels and lower blood pressure.  Sometimes, as people age, they feel less needed and feel less of a purpose.  Having a dog or cat that depends on you for their every need helps to restore that in your life.  Saving a dog or cat’s life is quite a wonderful purpose to have!

Our expert matchmakers will help you select a furry companion who fits into your lifestyle and housing situation at a reduced adoption rate. The program also offers a senior adoption starter kit and assistance with vet bills for the life of the pet for qualifying adoptions.  If you meet this criterion, fill out the adoption application below.

Couple with Dogs


​Please read the following guidelines before you fill out the Senior Paws for Seniors Application below!

​You should be:

  • 65 years or older

  • Be on a fixed income

  • Able to provide for the care and needs of your pet

  • Have a designated caretaker for your adopted animal if you can no longer care for him or her

  • Be willing to stay in contact with your designated program volunteer for follow-ups and check-ins

  • Willing to reach out to your liaison when you need assistance with your pet for food and medical care


Paws Across Pittsburgh will:

  • Do our best to match you with a senior pet that fits into your life

  • Provide a starter kit that will include food and supplies that you need for your specific new pet

  • Pay a percentage of veterinarian bills

  • Stay in contact with you to make sure that you and the pet are doing well and to provide assistance when needed

If you meet the eligibility requirements and are willing to participate in the program as outlined, please fill out the application using the link below.


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