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  • I need to surrender my pet soon/today/asap, can I just bring him/her now?
    We can only take in animals if we have a foster home to take them. In order to find a foster home that would best benefit the pet that you are surrendering, please fill out our Surrender Request form at Please be honest about your answers as most of our foster homes have other animals and children. Completing this form is not a guarantee that we can take your pet into our rescue.
  • Do you provide temporary fostering?
    Our “Short-term Animal Foster Emergency” (SAFE) Program is a network of foster homes within Paws Across Pittsburgh providing temporary homes for pets of families in crisis. Pet owners must be temporarily unable to care for their pet due to military training, temporary housing, or medical issue. Pet owners must have a specific end date when you will be able to resume care of the animal. Our fosters all have dogs in the home. So in order to keep everyone safe, all SAFE dog requests must be good with other dogs. If you think you may be a fit for the SAFE program, please apply at
  • I found a stray dog, what do I do?
    We are not a stray-hold facility. Please contact your local stray-hold facility or local Humane Officer, found on the Dept. of Agriculture website:
  • I know of a dog that is not being cared for properly, what can I do to help?
    Please find your local Humane Officer on the Dept. of Agriculture website:
  • Do I need to make an appointment or can I just show up at your rescue house?
    Our rescue house is not staffed 24/7. We do not house our animals here. If you are there to drop off donations, please leave them on the dock found on the driveway side of the house.
  • I've called the phone number listed on the website, but no one ever answers. How do I get in touch with someone?
    We are a fully volunteer run rescue. We all have regular jobs. Please visit our website as most of your questions can be answered there or on this list of our “Frequently Asked Questions.” If you still need to get in contact with someone, please contact us at
  • I found an address for you in Springdale, but it doesn't look like a shelter. Where are you located?
    That is the mailing address only for the rescue and is a personal home. Our office is located in Tarentum, PA and is not staffed 24/7. Please visit our website to answer any questions you may have or contact us using the Contact tab on this website.
  • I just ordered tickets, when will I receive them in the mail?
    We have updated our event ticket system, so all tickets that are purchased for our events are sent electronically to you through email. If you don’t see your event ticket, please check your Spam folder, before reaching out to us.
  • I have a great fundraising opportunity or idea, how can I speak with someone on your Event Planning Team?
    We love fundraising ideas! Please email our Events team at for the quickest response.
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