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Join the Paws Across Pittsburgh Team!

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Paws Across Pittsburgh needs your help!! As the rescue continues to grow, the need for help grows as well. We would love to have you join our Paws team!!! We are a 501(c)(3) foster based rescue, run completely by volunteers. Last year we saved 827 dogs and 275 cats, and we are on track for higher numbers this year! There is always more work than hands to do it, so we need you to continue our mission!! Listed below are some of the positions that we would love to fill! I have a "job description" as to what each spot might entail! Please let me know if you are interested or have questions.

~Volunteer Coordinator: We would like to have 2 people for this position, as it is an extremely important position! These volunteers would be responsible for overseeing the volunteers and organizing help for various events/tasks. They would need to have strong communication skills, leadership skills and ideally have some experience managing a group of people. Other duties would include training, recruiting, tracking hours, data entry, developing a recognition program, supervising and evaluating volunteers. The volunteer coordinator must be able to motivate, inspire and retain volunteers!!

~Fundraising Coordinator: This position would ideally be filled by a volunteer that is very organized and detail oriented. We could take one or two volunteers to fill this position. Responsibilities would include tracking all fundraising projects and would need basic computer/data entry skills. They would need good communication skills, as they would be the liaison between the rescue and the venues for our larger events. They would also have to be a team player and would work closely with the volunteer coordinator for events. This position would also have involvement with getting donations for the rescue and helping to plan/staff our big fundraisers!

~Event Planner: This volunteer would handle some of our smaller events, like adoption events and setting up a table at different venues. They would also need good communication skills and basic data entry/computer skills. They would work closely with the volunteer coordinator to plan/staff events and track events.

~Have some special talent that could help us with the rescue? We are always open to new ideas on how to team build, raise money, process applications, recruit fosters and volunteers and provide the best for our rescue animals!! We would love to hear from you!! Shoot us an email at

Interested in one of these ways to help?? Please fill out a volunteer application at ****please mention in your app what position interests you****

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