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Desperately Seeking Foster Homes!!

Paws Across Pittsburgh has grown by leaps and bounds over the past couple years. With this growth comes more requests for help.... many, many more requests for rescue help. We are constantly overwhelmed with the number of dogs and cats in need of our help. Being a foster-based rescue, we are always in need of foster homes to continue to our mission. As a foster for Paws, you get to decide which dog or cat foster you bring into your home once we have approved your application. We provide all supplies that you would need and pay for all vetting costs. We also will provide you with a mentor, an experienced foster for Paws that will help guide you through the process. The best thing about fostering is you actually play a HUGE role in saving this pet's life!! As an added bonus, our fosters have first choice at adopting their foster dog or cat!!

Already adopted from Paws Across Pittsburgh?? Great news.... you are already approved!!!!! If you are a previous adopter, you have already filled out an application and been approved! If you are interested in fostering a dog or cat, we can help you find a good fit! You can reach out to us via rescue pm or email at

Did you apply to adopt a dog or cat but were not picked to be the adopter? Sometimes we get multiple great applications for one dog or cat. Unfortunately, there can only be one adopter! Just because you were not chosen for one particular dog or cat does NOT mean that your application was denied!! Fostering might be a good option for you... you could pick your foster and after vetting, you would have first choice to adopt! If that foster was not a great fit, they could list for adoption, and you could take another foster in!

Are you worried about fostering specifics? Some rescues require a fenced in yard. We look at it more individualized, does this dog actually need a fenced yard? Sometimes it's a yes and sometimes it's a no. Some rescues do not want small children in the foster home. Again, we are more individualized. Some dogs may do better in an adult home, some are fine with kiddos! We do require your dog or cat be spayed or neutered and up to date on vaccinations.

Please consider joining the Paws fostering team!! We need YOU!! They need YOU!!

We have applications under the Forms tab on our website at

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Mar 13, 2023

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