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Be the Person Your Pet Thinks You Are

Becoming A Better Pet Owner

There is no better way to show your furry friend you love then to be a responsible pet owner. And whether you’ve been a pet owner for 15 years, 15 minutes or any duration in between, I am sure you’ll agree there are ways to improve. This post will briefly discuss some of the ways you can improve your role as “Pet Mom” or “Pet Dad.”

  • Take Responsibility of Learning your Pet’s Needs – All breeds are different and require different care. The care for your pet is unique. It is your responsibility to learn about their breed and fully understand any special attention they may require. And remember, as your pet grows and ages, those needs will change, and you will have to adapt your care accordingly to ensure all their needs are always being met with love.

  • Establish a Schedule – Just like humans, pets too benefit from structure. Aim to have their feeding and walking times be consistent from day-to-day. Your pet relies on you for their food and being consistent with your times helps build your bond. Your pet loves knowing you are there providing for them consistently. Simply put, it just makes them happier!

  • Physical Activity – Keeping your pet active regardless of type and breed is important. Activity provides the mental and physical stimulation their mind and body need to stay conditioned. Either it be an extra walk around the block or logging a few extra minutes engaging them with their favorite toy, the physical activity has long-term benefits. All pets need exercise to stay fit and release energy. Without it, there is a good chance, your pet may begin acting out. This is especially true for younger pets, enter chewing on your new pair of shoes! And of course, your pet loves the extra attention too!

  • Do Not Leave Them Alone Often – Separation anxiety is a real condition for many pets. Pets experiencing this condition will show distress and behavioral issues when left alone. It is recommended that if your pet has signs of separation anxiety that you research and implement some of the ways to treat their condition. However, if the problem persists or worsens, it may be time to talk to your vet about medication options.

  • Socialization- Placing your pet in situations to meet other pets and new humans is beneficial for them. This improves their curiosity, broadens their comfort level with people and different breeds as well as gives them an extra outlet for increasing their physical activity level. Please use caution when making a new introduction to gauge our pet’s behavior. It may take a few attempts before they can become new playmates.

  • Routine Care – Your pet is no different than you when it comes to self-care. The exception being they can’t do it themselves. If only they could talk…but they can’t! As their owner, it is your responsibility to ensure they are getting regular visits to the vet and frequent trips to the groomer (or bathed at home). Regular vet check-ups are important for your pet’s overall health and well-being. They help to ward off or diagnose any possible diseases or illnesses early on, leading to a long, happy life!

Being a pet owner is a big responsibility, but extremely rewarding. Please keep the above helpful hints in mind and you’ll be well on your way to becoming the person your pet thinks you are!

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