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Alumni Photo Mural Fundraiser

$10+ Donation

Add your alumni photo to our Photo Mural at the Rescue House

We print and frame your photo!

Make at minimum $10 donation and send us your favorite, well lit, clear photo of the pet that you adopted from Paws Across Pittsburgh so we can add it to our mural that we are creating at the Paws Across Pittsburgh rescue house! 

We would like to eventually have all our alumni covering our walls so please consider participating!  We will print the photos and put them in a 5x7 frame.

Tips on taking photos:

  • Use natural light, either outside or near a window.

  • Turn the flash off on your camera or phone.

  • Use a treat, toy or noise to capture your pet’s attention.

  • Focus on their eyes. Many phones have a feature where you touch the screen to focus the camera on a specific point.Once the pet is in the frame and looking at you, touch the eyes on the screen to make sure they are the focal point.

  • Pay attention to the background and keep it simple and uncluttered. Taking photos outside helps with this, but if you are inside, try using a blank wall or other large uncluttered object as the background.

  1. Make your donation by purchasing a 'ticket' in the event section under Alumni Photo Mural Fundraiser - Click Here

  2. Make sure yours and your pet's name are included in the email when you send the photo!

  3. Email your name,  your pet's name and the photo to

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