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Our rescues and the forever homes they found!

Samuel and Whiskey

Momma Brandy and her 6 puppies were rescued by Paws Across Pittsburgh from a shelter in West Virginia; Brandy, Corona, Rose, Spirit, Samuel, Whiskey and Hooch were fostered by the wonderful Held family in Vandergrift.


We originally decided to meet the puppies with the possibility of adopting one when we saw Whiskey’s sweet little face on FaceBook.  We filled out the application for adoption, once approved, we contacted Darla (Foster mom) and asked if we could meet the puppies. 


When we arrived, Samuel jumped in to my husband’s lap immediately, Whiskey didn’t care about us at all (hahahaha), he was busy digging holes (which he still loves to do).  We left there knowing that in a few weeks we would be bringing Samuel home.  The puppies and their Momma were adopted quite quickly, with the exception of Whiskey.  Poor little Whiskey was the only puppy that didn’t have an adopter, when we learned about this, we knew it was meant to be and we decided to adopt him as well! 


Adopting both of them was the best thing we could have done, they slept through the night because they had each other.  They are best friends, they play together and get in trouble together.  They have become a great addition to our family.  I love coming home from work and seeing their wagging tails.  Whiskey is very vocal and loves to howl at us when we’ve been gone “for too long” (that could be 5 minutes).  He is a momma’s boy who acts tough, but is a big baby.  He has affectionately become known as “Whimpering Whiskey”.  Samuel is goofy and clumsy and just loves to be with people, he is quick to give hugs and kisses as soon as you come through the door.


Thank you Paws Across Pittsburgh and the Held family for rescuing this fur family and giving us our boys, we love them so much!

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