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Kira’s Journey: A Testament to the Power of Rescue Support

Kira's owner deserted her in this crate New Year's Eve in freezing temperatures with no protection.

Kira, a spirited 10-month-old Husky, weighs just 30 pounds but carries an enormous love for life. Her journey from abandonment to joy is not just heartwarming but also a striking example of why animal rescues, like Paws Across Pittsburgh, desperately need foster homes, volunteers, adopters, and financial support.

On New Year's night, Kira was found alone, left behind a shelter in a small crate, with no information to explain her predicament. This was the beginning of her new life, marked by the warmth and care of a Paws Across Pittsburgh foster home—a safe haven provided by volunteers dedicated to saving lives like hers.

Kira was very ill and diagnosed with Parvo.

However, Kira’s challenges were far from over. Shortly after settling into her foster home, she began showing signs of illness and was soon diagnosed with parvo, a potentially deadly disease without prompt and proper treatment. The cost of such treatment is substantial, and without the financial contributions from Paws Across Pittsburgh's supporters and donors, Kira’s story could have ended differently. Thanks to the generosity of the community, Kira received the life-saving medical attention she needed.

As Kira recovered, her vibrant personality began to shine. She transformed into the happiest dog one could meet, full of spunk and enthusiasm.

Her journey highlights several critical needs within animal rescue operations:

1. Foster Homes: Kira’s foster provided a crucial, loving environment where she could recover and grow healthier away from the stress of the shelter. Foster homes are vital for rescuing animals like Kira, offering them a chance at a new life.

2. Volunteers: Dedicated volunteers are the backbone of rescue efforts, providing care and facilitating operations from intake through adoption.

3. Adopters: Permanent homes are the ultimate goal. Kira is a testament to the joy and love adopters receive in return for their commitment to rescue animals.

4. Donations: Financial support is crucial, particularly for rescues facing medical emergencies like Kira’s. Every donation contributes towards saving more lives, covering expenses from veterinary care to daily necessities.

Kira is now thriving, revealing the immeasurable value of each contribution towards animal rescues. Whether wrestling with dog pals, learning leash manners, or exploring the outdoors, she demonstrates the potential of every rescued animal to find happiness and spread joy.

Her journey is a call to action. By fostering, volunteering, adopting, or donating, you can directly impact lives, offering animals like Kira a chance at a bright, loving future. Let's unite in the mission to rescue, heal, and love. 

Please consider joining us in Paws Across Pittsburgh's mission. Click the button below to Volunteer, Foster or Donate.

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