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A Faithful Companion

Size: 20 lbs

Age:  11

Breed:  Schnauzer Mix

History:   A woman adopted Molly as a small puppy after her husband died. They were constant companions and the center of each other’s world for almost 11 years until the woman suddenly passed away. Molly stayed next to her body for several days until family members learned of the death. However, the family was unable to take Molly so she went to Animal Control and from there to Paws Across Pittsburgh. Because of her age, looks and health conditions, she qualified for our LOVS program. 

Note from Molly's Foster:   Molly pulls off her one of a kind looks -- her saucer eyes, mild underbite, sparse fur and fly away hair -- in such a way that you immediately fall in love. Her looks are a result of Cushings Disease and diabetes, both of which are well controlled.  She’s a calm, quiet, loving dog who gets long with everyone (except for really small animals). She has a nice temperament and loves being where you are.   She would do well in almost any family. She probably would prefer one with adults and older children and one who would enjoy calm easy walks in the neighborhood.


A Note from Molly:  I loved my human very much but she passed away.  I have a wonderful foster home right now but would love a family to call my own!  I love leisurely walks outside and quiet time hanging out at home.  I love attention but won't pester you for it.  Please consider adopting me! I could be just what you are looking for, and vice versa!

Favorite pastime:  Molly is an easy going gal who loves to do whatever you do.

Favorite toys / snacks:  Molly doesn’t do toys but food of any kind is always welcome.


Medical Info:  Molly has diabetes and as a result of that also Cushings disease. Both are well controlled. She takes an insulin injection twice a day and a pill in the evening for her Cushings.           


Special Needs:  NO FRONTLINE or most anti flea treatment – gets bad reaction. Uses an oral one only. Molly will need taken to the vet occasionally (about 2x yr) for check ups for Cushings/diabetes.





All of Molly's medical costs will be covered through the LOVS program.  For more information, see the LOVS home page.

Congratulations to Molly who has found her forever home!  She will still need her sponsors so we can continue to cover her medical bills!

Molly's Angels - Sponsors

  • Laura Danks – In honor of our 5 senior Jack Russell’s that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

  • The Hartman Family

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