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Helping a Senior

The costs involved in caring for our senior dogs include veterinary care and surgeries, medication, special diets and supplements, and euthanasia when quality of life has diminished.  There are many ways you can help the senior pets in our LOVS program. 


You can Adopt:  If you fall in love with one of our seniors and want to meet them, fill out an application using the link at the end of their profile.  Once the application is approved, we'll set up a meet & greet! 


You can Foster:  Provide a loving home and family to a senior while they wait for their forever family to find them.  All supplies are provided and all costs are covered.  If you would like to foster a senior pet through the LOVS program, fill out a foster application here - FOSTER APP


You can Sponsor:  If you can't adopt or foster, you can still help a senior that touches your heart by becoming their sponsor angel!  See below for your sponsorship options.  Your name or the name you choose will be listed on that senior's page as his or her angel.   Sponsorships make wonderful gifts and memorials as well! 

Sponsorship funds go towards all of the required medical expenses for the animals' in the LOVS program.

Sponsoring a Senior

  1. In the first text box, place the name of the Senior that you would like to sponsor. 

  2. In the second text box, please put the text you would like in the Sponsor box on the Senior's Page.


    Examples -

  •     "In Memory of Lucille Smith"

  •     "Steve and Mary Jones, Baldwin, PA" 

  •     "Steve and Mary Jones in Memory Of Lucille Smith"

  •     "In Memory of The Best Dog Ever - Miss Lily."

$5 a month provides heartworm protection for your sponsored senior.

$10 a month contributes to a wellness visit to the vet.

$15 a month pays for some maintenance medications.

$20 contributes to a sick visit with possible medications needed.

$25 contributes to a sick visit with diagnostic tests

$50 contributes to monthly meds and vet bills required by your senior.

You can commit to sponsoring a senior without worry.  If things change and you need to cancel your sponsorship, just click this unsubscribe button.

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