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A Love-Bug Lap-Dog

Size:  19 lbs

Age: 8

Breed: King Charles/Terrier Mix

History:  Buddy was the loved lap dog of an older lady. Though he was very loved, he was not cared for properly. He was never vetted or properly trained. His beloved caretaker became ill and ended up in a nursing home.  Buddy was then cared for by a family member who just wasn't an animal person.  His days were then spent mostly in a crate, sometimes up to 18 hours a day. 

Note from Buddy's Foster:  He is super sweet and cooperative with most anything. He just wants to be with you and follows you wherever you go. He loves attention.He is super happy, loves cuddling, car rides and walks. Buddy is just a love bug looking for someone to love! He jumps up beside you, puts his head down and rolls over on his belly for pets. He also head butts you for attention.


A Note from Buddy:  I would love to find someone that wants a constant companion to follow them around and a lap dog for lots of cuddle time!  If you like giving belly rubs, that's a bonus because I love receiving them!  I may not have years left to live, but I'm hoping to find someone who will help me enjoy what I do have left.  I love walks and exploring the world, playing with other dogs and toys, and meeting new people!  I hope you'll consider meeting me!

Favorite pastime: He loves being with his human and will jump on your lap, roll over on his back and show you his big, beautiful puppy eyes hoping for a belly rub! He also loves going for walks and running around with his foster home dogs in the fenced in yard.


Favorite toys / snacks:  He absolutely loves to play ball. He carries it around and encourages you to play with him as well as playing by himself at times.


Medical Info:  He is quite easy to care for. He is on several meds, but takes them easily with wet food. He wears a belly band while inside because he is not neutered and will mark around other dogs. He is very cooperative with removing it when going outside and replacing once he comes back in.


Special Needs:  He does not like to be left alone so he needs a home where his humans are home a lot of the day and preferably where he has another dog as a companion. He is on daily medication which he takes easily with wet food. He wears a belly band because he tends to mark around other dogs.

Buddy with Kitty!

Buddy with Kitty!

Buddy - CAR RIDE!!

Buddy - CAR RIDE!!

Buddy Relaxing

Buddy Relaxing

All of Buddy's medical costs are covered through the LOVS program.  For more information, see the LOVS home page.

Buddy's Angels - Sponsors

  • Coyne Family, Irwin, PA - In memory of Teddy, our buddy.

  • Laura Danks – In honor of our 5 senior Jack Russell’s that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

  • Kimberly Swankler - In memory of Teddy, our buddy.

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