Pete & Kayla

Pete and Kayla are both 10 years old.  They came to us after their owner took them to the vet to be put down because Pete was having loose stools and Kayla was leaking urine.  The owner didn't have the money or time to deal with the issues.  Long story short, the vet talked him into surrendering them instead and that's how they came to us!  The vet ran some tests and both issues were easily treatable and now they are happy, healthy and ready to find their new foster or forever family.


Pete is a lab/pitbull/basset mix and is good with other bigger dogs and very people friendly, but he's not a fan of little dogs and cats. He loves to run and play outdoors in the yard and is very bonded to Kayla. 


Kayla is a GSD and seems to be good with everything and everyone. Kayla will require the one med she’s on for her lifetime....its for bladder control. She always loves to run and play and is very bonded to Pete.


They are currently being boarded until we can find a foster or forever home for them.  The boarding facility said they are a little sad but doing well otherwise.


They must be fostered and adopted together and need a fenced yard.

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All of Pete's and Kayla's medical costs will be covered through the LOVS program.  For more information, see the LOVS home page.

If you fall in love with Pete and Kayla after reading their profile and want to meet them, you can click the link at the end of their profile to fill out an application!

Pete & Kayla's Angels - Sponsors

  • Kathy and Paul Marino - we wish you both a happy life with a wonderful owner who will appreciate and love you for the rest of your lives.

  • Megan Alley - sponsoring Kayla

We are foster-home based and do not have a central facility to visit rescues.

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