Kyoshi is a 10-year-old small Shiba Inu with a black and tan coat. He is mostly black with the classic white Shiba markings called Urajiro and tan accents on his legs. He is often mistaken for a miniature Husky. Kyoshi was placed in a shelter after his owners surrendered him because they felt that they no longer had the time or money to care for him. Since then Kyoshi was discovered by Paws Across Pittsburgh and has now been adopted by a new loving and caring owner.

Kyoshi’s new mom tells us that he is one of the most joyful animals she has ever known. If Kyoshi had a motto, she thinks it would be “everything is awesome”! Every day when she comes home from work feeling tired from the day, she is greeted by a very happy and excited Kyoshi, who instantly puts a big smile on her face. He seems to have this same effect on others that see him. He spreads an infectious smile to those that see him on their daily walks and makes new friends everywhere he goes.

Kyoshi loves going for walks around the neighborhood or around the park. He also enjoys some time at dog parks, trips to barns with his mom while she works with horses, occasional visits to his mom’s chiropractor's office, and even some trips to the dojo where his mom practices the Japanese martial art called Aikido. While at home, he likes to play with puzzle toys and often prefers eating his food from the puzzles rather than out of his dish. He takes long naps and is even kind enough to share his bed with his cat sister.

Kyoshi is on a joint supplement to help him with a hip problem that was preventing him from going up and down stairs. The joint supplement and regular exercise have helped to strengthen his muscles and keep him more flexible. He has recently begun climbing some stairs during his walks.


Kyoshi is missing some of his teeth, mainly his canines. He also has some vision and hearing impairment that requires him to always either be on a leash or within a securely fenced area while outdoors. Kyoshi is a part of the LOVS program (Lifetime of Veterinarian Support) with Paws Across Pittsburgh. PAP will support Kyoshi by covering his veterinary bills for his lifetime through this donation-supported program.

Kyoshi does well around other dogs but is not particularly interested in them. Kyoshi also does well around the horses that he is occasionally around with his mom. He has no fear of them and stands nearby watching his mom work. Kyoshi prefers the company of humans, mainly his mom and other familiar faces!

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All of Kiyoshi's medical costs are covered through the LOVS program.  For more information, see the LOVS home page.

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