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Size:  Medium

Age: 10

Breed: Bichon/Poodle

History:   Buddy's owner passsed away and no one in the family could take him in.  He was left alone at the home for months with the family stopping by to feed him.  Paws Across Pittsburgh agreed to take him and arranged to pick him up on Monday, but the family dumped him at the shelter on Sunday.  We quickly picked him up from the shelter and he was pretty traumatized! He was very matted and trying to bite out of fear, but with some time and lots of love, we'll get his trust in humans built back.


Note from Buddy's Foster:   He likes to be on his own terms. He doesn't like to be held or picked up or he'll bite. He is a loner, when he wants to be. He likes personal space. Has anxiety and scratches and has lick granuloma that he makes bleed. He likes toys, plays with ball, he knows how to sit and give paw. He needs a loving, patient human to let his loving side come out again!


A Note from Buddy:   I am a grumpy old man who needs love but I have a difficult time showing my gentle side just yet.

Favorite pastime:  Buddy enjoys a good game of fetch!


Favorite toys / snacks:  Buddy loves pretty much likes all food. Frozen peas, cut apples, biscuits, cheese, peanut butter.

Medical Info:  He is very healthy. He has bad reactions to liquid flea/tick meds. Seresto collar works fine. He has a bad back stifle (knee) but kept at a good weight, it doesn't bother him. All his issues are mental….He likes to pick at himself. Has a lot of “old dog” non cancerous cysts that he irritates by scratching, one lick granuloma on paw he constantly chews at. He has a touch of separation anxiety.

Special Needs:  Since he is a nipper, I have techniques to work around his attitude. If you work fast, you can clip his nails in the bath tub because has a different attitude when in water, likes his fur brushed, and washed gently. He likes strict routines and LOVES and needs to be in an exercise pen when it's night time or when you are not home. He needs a harness when on leash, he doesn't mess in the house but has had an occasional accident if not left out long enough to urinate/poop.


The Bichon







All of Buddy's medical costs will be covered through the LOVS program.  For more information, see the LOVS home page.

Buddy has been adopted! Please consider sponsoring Buddy to help with his medical care.

Buddy's Angels - Sponsors

  • Marelyn and Walt Gross

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