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Meet Miss Annabelle. A lonesome girl from Buckhannon, WV. She was found as a stray and taken to Lewis Upshar Animal Control. After several days, her owner was located. It turned out that Annabelle’s owner had a history of having dogs run off and for getting fines for poorly caring for her pets. One of Annabelle’s fur siblings, a small white dog, ended up escaping from this home around the same time and ended up in the same shelter. The owner decided that she wanted the “young, small one” back but that the shelter could “keep the old one”. Annabelle was discovered from the shelter’s Facebook page and taken into the care of Paws Across Pittsburgh with a loving foster.

Annabelle is a German Shepard/Aussie mix and is 10 years young. She has the coat and markings of a German Shepard, but is the size of an Aussie. Her coat is a blend of black, tan, brown, and grey. It is unknown why, but she has a docked tail. She has one ear that stays up and one that stays down. It is unknown if that is just how they’ve always been, or if it is due to the massive ear infection that she had in the one ear.

Annabelle has now been adopted by her furever family! Annabelle has many fur siblings at her new house. She has two dog siblings (both PAP rescues, as well) and six cat siblings (all rescues). She also has two young human siblings to keep her entertained! She is doing very well in her new home and has already started bonding with hew new family. She enjoys napping on her doggy beds, going for walks, and staring at her humans while they eat! She is already so loved and her new family is so happy that she came into their lives.

Annabelle does have some health concerns that require some extra help. She has very bad hips and has a great deal of trouble with steps, walking, and getting up from laying down.  She is on Galliprant for inflammation and Tramadol for pain. She is also currently going for laser therapy on her spine in an effort to improve her mobility.  It was discovered through x-ray that Annabelle suffered trauma to her spine that resulted in nerve damage and multiple bone fusions. It will remain unknown on how it happened, but it is clear that she wasn't given the opportunity to heal properly and will never regain full mobility in her hind legs. Annabelle is in the LOVS program (Lifetime of Veterinarian Support) with Paws Across Pittsburgh. PAP will support Annabelle by covering her veterinary bills for her lifetime through this donation-supported program. Annabelle goes to the vet twice a week for her ongoing laser treatments and will require her medication for her lifetime.


All of Annabelle's medical costs are covered through the LOVS program.    Will you consider becoming a sponsor for Annabelle to help toward her care?

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Annabelle's Angels - Sponsors

Kathy and Paul Marino

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