Keller was found wondering the streets of the Pittsburgh area. It's bad enough trying to find your way home as a dog - it's even worse if you are BLIND. She was picked up by the police and went to animal control. She patiently waited day in and day out for nearly 3 months to get into rescue until Paws Across Pittsburgh stepped up for her.

Keller is a 5-7 year old Shepard/ Shar Pei mix.  She has glaucoma and chronic dry eye which will require ongoing treatments. Keller’s vet is trying a new medicine, but if it doesn’t alleviate the pressure in her left eye, she will need it completely removed. Keller is part of the Paws Across Pittsburgh’s LOVS Program (Lifetime of Veterinarian Support for Senior Paws Program), which means that she qualifies to have her vet care paid for throughout her lifetime by this donation-supported program.

Keller has found a loving human and has been adopted. Her new mom tells us that she has adapted very well to her new home. She loves ‘sneaking’ into her mom’s bed and cuddling up at night. They have routine walks every day that she really looks forward to. Keller’s mom is trying to get her on a set routine so that if she loses more of her vision over time, she will already be familiar with their schedule and activities.

All of Keller's medical costs are covered through the LOVS program.    Will you consider becoming a sponsor for Keller to help toward his care?

For more information, see the LOVS home page.

Keller's Angels - Sponsors

We are foster-home based and do not have a central facility to visit rescues.

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