Meet Rags. Rags is a Spaniel/Shar Pei mix who is part of the Paws Across Pittsburgh LOVS Program (Lifetime of Veterinary Care) and has recently been adopted! By being in the LOVS Program, Rags’ veterinary expenses will be supported by PAP throughout his lifetime.

Rags was spotted as a stray in a neighborhood and was taken in by Animal Control. When he was found, he was wearing a cone and had severe hair loss. As it turned out, Rags suffers from a skin condition that causes him to scratch non-stop and was causing his fur to fall out. His previous owners decided to put the cone on him to prevent him from scratching rather than seeking the proper care for his skin condition.

Rags is now in a loving home and getting the medication and care that he deserves. His new mom tells us that their other adopted rescue dog, Chevy, had come from a hoarding situation and was extremely shy. In hopes to get Chevy to come out of his shell, they decided they’d adopt another rescue dog. Rags seemed like the perfect fit with his calm, easy demeanor.

She tells us that Rags, who is now known as “Boo”, and his dog brother Chevy get along great. He is very sweet and loves company, especially his new dad!



All of Rags' medical costs are covered through the LOVS program.    Will you consider becoming a sponsor for Rags to help toward his care?

For more information, see the LOVS home page.

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