Poochy is a 15-year-old Collie mix who was surrendered to the shelter after her elderly owner passed away. Poochy was placed into a foster home with Paws Across Pittsburgh and has since been adopted!

Poochy’s new mom tells us that Poochy loves her leisurely walks in the mornings and the evenings. She can no longer hear well, but she loves to stop and smell new things. She has done very well with picking up on hand signals. She loves to follow her mom around the house. Poochy isn’t startled easily. She is very excited when she sees her kitty siblings in her new home and barks and wags her tail at them to say ‘hello’!

When Poochy’s mom gets home from work, she turns into her puppy-self and starts jumping up and down and rolling over for belly rubs. It makes her mom so happy to see how excited Poochy gets to greet her. She always gets excited to meet new people, but typically is more interested in how they smell rather than the attention that they are giving her. Poochy has done well around other dogs. She lives next door to another senior pup and they both really enjoy each other’s company.

Despite Poochy’s age, she is rather healthy. She takes it pretty easy on her older hips and does not go up and down stairs at home. She takes tumeric and fish oil and a small dose of CBD to help with her arthritis. Poochy is a part of the Paws Across Pittsburgh LOVS Program (Lifetime of Veterinary Support).

Poochy loves chewing on pork chews. But most of all she LOVES being brushed at night. Her mom thinks it’s her therapy, so she’s sure to do it every single night! 

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All of Poochy's medical costs are covered through the LOVS program.  For more information, see the LOVS home page.

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