Pete is an 11-year-old Pitbull/Lab mix. Pete’s former owner took him to a veterinarian to surrender him. Pete then found his way to Paws Across Pittsburgh and has since been adopted into a loving and caring home. He is white with tan spots.

Pete’s new mom tells us that he just adores people. He is happiest in a room full of humans giving him pets. Pete flashes big puppy eyes and wags his tail when he greets new people in hopes to get some pets from them.

Pete loves to cuddle up with his mom and watch TV. He enjoys belly rubs and pets on the nose the most. Pete loves to eat chicken and to play with fuzzy, squeaky toys. While Pete loves humans, he does not favor other animals. Other than squirrels that he loves to chase down! He absolutely loves meeting new people and always tries to make new human friends while on his walks. He especially loves when the neighborhood kids come to see him and wags his tail uncontrollably!

While Pete may be 11 years old, he is overall pretty healthy and doesn’t show his age. He is on Rimadyl to help him with some joint pain that he experiences (especially on rainy days). Pete is part of Paws Across Pittsburgh’s LOVS Program (Lifetime of Veterinary Support).


Pete’s mom tells us that he is the best friend that she could ever ask for. He is so loving and sweet. She feels that Pete is her dog soul mate because they both love cuddles and food!

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All of Pete's medical costs are covered through the LOVS program.  For more information, see the LOVS home page.

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