Kayla is a sweet 10-year-old German Shepherd who found her way to Paws Across Pittsburgh and has since been adopted by a loving family. Kayla’s new mom tells us that she is doing very well in her new home with her new family. When she first moved into her new home, it was clear that she was struggling with her hind legs. After much time, love, and care, Kayla can now go up and down a flight of stairs (20 in all) daily; sometimes even more than once a day! On Kayla’s good days she will walk almost a mile, while other days she prefers to just lounge around and rest.

Kayla is a healthy senior but does need to take two pills a day for urinary incontinence. Kayla is a part of the LOVS program (Lifetime of Veterinary Support) with Paws Across Pittsburgh. PAP will support Kayla by covering her veterinary bills for her lifetime through this donation-supported program. Kayla’s mom confirmed that the pills are working for her and after just the first week on the medication, there were no more accidents.

Kayla is taken well care of and loves her food. She mostly looks forward to Sundays which are “steak days” at her house and she gets her own rib eye or strip steak to eat!

Kayla’s family loves her to the moon and back!

All of Kayla's medical costs are covered through the LOVS program.    Will you consider becoming a sponsor for Kayla to help toward her care?

For more information, see the LOVS home page.

Kayla's Angels - Sponsors

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